So you’re a Kiwi, you must like Manuka honey better than yours?

Don’t get me wrong, I love New Zealand honey. New Zealand honeys are some of the best and most expensive worldwide. I particularly love creamed clover honey from the south island.

I also enjoy many honeys from from around the world. So if you are fellow apiarist reading this, I am sure your honey like mine is top notch. “bring some of your honey if you come and see me”.

But when it comes to honey, I prefer

  • Honey from a boutique apiary over a larger company.
  • Honey from a glass jar. “Save the bees” and then put you honey in plastic just doesn’t seem right to me.
  • Honey which is locally harvested.
  • Honey from many flowers. Call it what you want. Wild flower, Bush honey this is what I prefer to eat and because of the type of hive I use “Wild bush flower honey” is the only honey I can produce.

When do you harvest your honey?

Typically each hive is harvest once a year either late Spring or early Autumn. The taste of these honeys is like night and day.

Can you tell me where my honey comes from ? or when it was harvested ?

Sure! you honey can be tracked here at Awaji Honey awaji83.jp